Chess Award

We award the best Chess related websites online and write a brief review. These sites will display the Chess Award badge, so you know they are official award winning sites.

Our Award criteria falls into 3 categories:

1.   Credible – We want to know that the site is offering accurate and credible advice, data and/or information. We’re looking for authoritative authors in the space.

2.  Informative/Helpful – Is there information for players in some fashion. We’re looking for quality content whether that be written, video, audio and/or imagery.A site can have information and not be helpful. We’re looking for sites that take providing information to the next level. Do you help players become more informed, become better at chess and/or help in any other way.

3. Usability – Is the site easy to use and intuitive. Is there high quality design so that users of your site can find what they are looking for in an intuitive manner.


If you’d like to see to, please Submit Your Site for review.

If you are a winner place the button below on your site’s homepage. You are only allowed to label your site with our ChessAward button if you are a legal winner of our award. Simply right click on the award and “save as …” and then upload it to your server NOTE: Button must be served from your server and link to Award Badge to your site.


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